Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I knew there was a reason for me to go to a different church on Sunday, but I wasn't sure of the reason and these past couple of days have helped me to understand. On Sunday the Pastor preached about Job and how God lets you go through certain situations because you are mature enough and because they help you to grow. The devil can only impact so much in your life, but the one thing he is not allowed to touch is you physically.

This week I have been tested so many times and it just helps me to think about what I learned on Sunday and keep those words and scripture in my heart and mind. I keep telling myself I am in NY for a reason and at this school for a reason and all the trial and tribulations that come with it are necessary. Both yesterday and today I have been frustrated and normally I would go and eat my frustration away. Both days I went and worked out instead. It felt good to relieve my frustration in a different manner!

In honor of Thanksgiving I am going to list 6 things I am thankful for:
  1. God loving me and the mercies he continually shows me,
  2. My family - They may be far away but it makes going home for the holidays more enjoyable and manageable.
  3. My friends both new and old- my friends who have helped keep me sane while I am away in NY and my friends I have "met" through the challenge. What a wonderful blessing and opportunity.
  4. My health - I am healthy and alive.
  5. The Gill's - They have made my time in NY so much more enjoyable. They continually go out of there way to make my experience 100 times better then last year.
  6. Tanna - For starting the challenge. Without this challenge I would be a lot heavier and still dealing with unhealthy habits.
Happy Thanksgiving!! What kinds of things are you thankful for?


Kristine P. said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Kristi!

Debi said...

Thanks so much for sharing your insight. It is amazing the power of our mind. You kept you thoughts focused on something positive that allowed you to take positive action with your stress.

Congratulations - Debi at Empowering Lifestyle dot com.

Precious Moments said...

You are too sweet. I am just now catching up on blogs. I want you to know that I am thankful for you too. Very thankful.