Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back on track!!

Although I used all of my cheats for Challenge 3 {yikes} I am going to get back on track with my eating starting now. I have been working out hard but eating what I want and now I want to finish the challenge strong. I saw this idea on another blog and thought I would post something similar.

Reward List: Nov 13 - Dec 13
Workout 5 times a week - I can buy a new strap for my camera
Use no more than 6 cheats for the last 6 weeks - buy new music to work out to
Drink 8 cups of water at least 6 days a week - new water bottle
Meet my goal challenge by the end of the year - a massage

Things I Say To Keep On Track
1. Look how far you've come
2. Every little thing adds up
3. Taking the stairs will get easier
4. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels

7 Things I Hate About Being Overweight
1. Not being able to wear a cute bathing suit in the summer
2. Getting tired when walking up stairs
3. Not always finding cute clothes
4. Having a sister who is smaller than be
5. Being over 200 lbs
6. Not being able to trade clothes with friends
7. Not always having a towel that wraps around your body completely

10 Thing I Love About Getting Healthy
1. I feel good
2. I am happy
3. I am more confident
4. I fit in smaller sizes
5. I don't mind working out as much
6. I can run a mile on the treadmill without stopping (not all the time, but more than before)
7. Getting compliments
8. Buying more clothes
9. Thinking about what I eat before I put it in my body
10. Meeting wonderful people through The Challenge


April S. said...

I love this idea! You have made such progress and I have no doubt that you will meet your goals! Keep up the great work! You are one of the main people in the challenge that I like to keep track of because you motivate me (no pressure or Keep rocking deserve this!

Kristine P. said...

Girl...I've used all my cheats too! We can do this! Only 5 weeks left!

Like April S. I've kind "kept up" with you in the challenge! I'm very proud of your progress! It really is great motivation! I was seriously so happy when Tanna paired us. haha :)