Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yay for November

I am so glad that it is November!! The semester is almost over .. yippee!! So my wrap up for this weekend is a good one!
  • On Friday I went with the family I babysit for as a extra hand to a birthday party and they had a haunted trail for adults that you had to go on individually! So fun! I love the thrill of being scared and not knowing what is around the corner! Then I went to a pizza night at the apartment of some girls from school and then came home and did homework and went to bed.
  • Saturday I worked in the morning and took the girl that I work with to Malloween. It was fun to see all of the kids dressed up. A woman in the mall walked by me and was quite angry! She yelled out trick or treating is for outside. I think she was upset because she chose the wrong day and time to come to the mall! After that I went back to the mall to see if the pants that I ruined were at Gap. No luck! I did get some khaki's and $2 pants though! Then I went and went trick or treating with the family that I babysit for and to a friends house of there's who they always go and hang out with on Halloween. It was very fun! I had never been trick or treating and it's a fun experience! No wonder kids love it!! it was raining which was a bummer, but kids were out all over. One house had popcorn, apple cider, marshmallows to roast, cookies, and you could even knock on the door and say trick or treat! After this we went and hung out and had dinner! Yummy Mac and Cheese for dinner with even yummier wings! What a fun night! Albany is very much more enjoyable this year than last year.
  • And today I went to my Financial Peace University class and then I worked out and then I did about 4-5 loads of laundry! It surely was a chore!! But while my laundry was going I got to learn how to make hummus! It was sooooo good! I had hummus and salad around 4 and I haven't been hungry for dinner since then. So I got to bring home the dinner I was going to eat tonight to eat for dinner tomorrow!! Yum! I also worked on that paper that I will make a passing grade on!! (we have to alll speak this into existence) Now I am baking pumpkin oatmeal wheat bran flax muffins to take to work tomorrow and then I am going to put up my laundry and get in bed! I will wake up to work out in the morning, I will wake up to work out in the morning!! :)

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